My Internship at SALT – Anna

After 10 weeks in Battambong Cambodia, I have finished my internship at SALT Academy. Looking back, I can gladly say that SALT Academy gave me this great opportunity to work in a warm-hearted and welcoming environment.

I am currently studying at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences following the course of Sports Studies. In my current second year of study I got the opportunity to do an internship of 10 weeks anywhere around the world in any sports associated organisation. Due to my interest in the field of sports for development I applied to SALT Academy Cambodia. Surprisingly, I received an answer to my online application on the same day I sent it out. Starting from the first contact, the local and the international staff took great care of my stay in Battambong and my project at the organisation.


For this internship I was in a supportive position to develop a tailored so-called “Life-Skills handbook”. Based on a very supportive and trustful supervision on spot I got the opportunity to introduce new original ideas for the content of the upcoming handbook. In addition, I got to join SALT Academy’s football events where I was given the task to plan and monitor side activities for the participants. The work with local staff was a lot of fun as well as challenging due to language barriers. However, these small challenges made it even greater to experience simple things like: seeing small kids from small communities playing the activities I have created and hearing discussions that I have come up with which were translated into Khmer. It made me very happy that everything worked out in the end and the participants enjoyed the events.


I always felt kindly welcomed by all the local staff and I had a great time with them not just in the office but also outside work with for instance birthday dinners and day trips. The participants at SALT always welcomed me with big smiles, hugging me and were always curious and asking questions.

I am very thankful for this big opportunity of working in Cambodia with SALT Academy. I met many great and inspiring people and the kind and caring connection to SALT Academy’s staff made my stay in Cambodia a great success. Thank you very much!

Anna Bischoff