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Streetfootball and Children’s Rights was the common project of the international learning collaboration of KICKFAIR (Germany) and its partnersSALT Academy & The Mighty Girls (Cambodia), Formaçao (Brazil), Chigol (Chile), Peres Center for Peace (Israel and Palestine), Centro Para el Desarollo de la Inteligencia (CDI) and Paí Pukú (Paraguay), Espérance (Rwanda), Hodi (Kenya). Based on the international symposium of 2015 in Stuttgart and the jointly developed Action Guide translated into 4 languages, 27 events and hundreds of workshops about street football and children’s rights took place in all participating countries during 2016. Find out more about it here.


The SALT Academy Vision wouldn’t be possible without our network of friends, sponsors, and supporters. Thank you to all for your dedication to girls empowerment and youth development in Cambodia!

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