Since its inception, SALT Academy has expanded both the scale and the scope of its programs on an annual basis. This is in great part thanks to the donations we have received from organizations and individuals invested in our vision, our mission, and our strategy. Any donations, no matter the size and whether financial or in-kind, is deeply appreciated and can contribute to the promotion of football as an agent for change.


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Sample Donations

In Kind

Donations of sports equipment and clothing can go a long way in helping with the organization of the Youth League and community festivals, thus bringing a sense of professionalism to the players. We do have two suggestions regarding such donations:

  • Please make sure that the gear you’re looking to donate is in satisfactory condition: if you wouldn’t want to wear it, our teams probably wouldn’t either. Any unworn or quality clothing is best, especially if you have several matching items, which we can then use for 5-, 7-, and 11-a-side teams.
  • The majority of our players, being teenagers and young adults, will not fit in clothing that is too large. Please keep in mind that the sizes we are usually looking for correspond to American XS, S and M; and European 40 and smaller. Regarding shoe size, European 40 or smaller are the most common among our players.
Specific Programs

The yearly cost of providing for a Mighty Girl is approximately 2,000 USD. This covers school tuition fees, accommodation, food, training and extra educational expenses such as additional classes and tutoring. If you are unable to donate this much, there are smaller amounts which correspond to specific expenses and can go a long way in sustaining the Mighty Girls program, such as:

$2,000 One year, all inclusive, scholarship for residential Mighty Girl (school tuition, accommodation and all food, training and extra education opportunities, coaching salary)
$800 One year, all inclusive, scholarship for non-residential Mighty Girl (school tuition, daily transportation to town, two meals a day, training and extra education, coaching salary)
$350 One year full tuition scholarship for one Mighty Girl (private school, extra tutoring, exam costs, and high quality teachers)
$100 Full year of private English classes for one Mighty Girl
$50 Bicycle and school uniforms for one new Mighty Girl

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Youth Sports Complex

One of SALT’s yearly struggle is the scramble for a place to play: we usually end up with short term contracts for poor quality fields. Often, we must spend our own money, time and energy to improve said fields even though we won’t be able to play on them during subsequent seasons. In this sense, such contracts are a waste of valuable resources that could be better spent on covering other expenses. SALT currently plays on fields next to an airport tarmac: not only is this not an optimal environment, we could also lose access to those fields anytime, should the owners need the land.

As such, we have begun fundraising for a youth sports complex, which would be owned and operated by SALT Academy. Having this space would enable us to entertain more teams, as well as host football tournaments and camps. Furthermore, it would be possible for us to employ young coaches, and players from our teams, to run activities and oversee things. Finally, we could rent our field space to local companies, universities, and adult teams, thus gaining a new source of revenue. Overall, the fulfillment of the Youth Sports Complex project would mark the achievement of one of SALT’s original goals: ensuring sustainable program growth through community ownership.

The estimated overall cost of this project is 388,000 USD. We already have the land, the plans and the vision: it is time to start building. We need your support for the next steps so, if you are interested in being a part of the SALT Youth Sports Complex, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing


Wire Transfers in USD

For donations, we recommend making a secure payment through Paypal, or using debit or credit cards: just click on the “Donate” button below the title of the page. Feel free to specify which program you would like your donation to support!

Alternatively, you have the option of making a wire transfer in USD to our bank account at Advance Bank of Asia Limited (ABA). For information on how to make a secure wire transfer in other currencies, or on how to donate directly in Cambodia, please email us at
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Corporate Sponsorship

Given the nature of contemporary development organizations, we believe that our programs have the greatest chance of lasting success if they are viewed as permanent and reliable by outsiders and beneficiaries alike. Therefore, we are always looking to form sustainable, long-term partnerships with potential sponsors. If you feel that you are interested in forming such a partnership, or are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities with SALT in general, please feel free to contact us at

We firmly believe that football contributes to building communities both at the local and international level. SALT wishes to particularly encourage other youth sports or community organization to consider yearly sponsorships of teams in our Youth League, or parts of the Mighty Girls program. Please contact us at if this interests you so we can work on finding a sponsorship level that suits your organization, and give you additional outreach information tailored to your group’s goals.

For more information about our finances, please feel free to get in touch with us at