Work With Us

As an NGO with different programs, strategies and beneficiaries, we always look forward to having the input of committed and passionate individuals, especially Cambodians. Those with experience in football related areas can be instrumental to our success by working with us as vocational coaches or referees. Feel free to stop by our office and talk to one of our staff coaches, or email us at to get more information or apply.

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We also appreciate the dedication and help of international volunteers, provided they have experience to bring to the organization of our activities. Such volunteers are accepted on a case-by-case basis, depending on our current needs and ability to match projects to volunteer skills, and need to demonstrate their understanding of and commitment to our vision and mission.

Jana is our latest volunteer, having just finished her year-long placement at SALT. Hailing from Germany, she focused on teaching English to the girls we support. By also lending her photography expertise and being a point of communications between different teams, she has been a key player in our programs over the last twelve months. Watch this video for an insight into her experience with SALT:


If you are interested in volunteering with us (for over a month), or seeing our programs as a visitor (less than one month), please feel free to contact our staff for more information at

Our past and present achievements would not have been possible without the hard and wonderful work put in by both our Cambodian and international volunteers, and we look forward to continuing such concerted efforts with more passionate individuals in the future.